A medical professional bending a patient's knee

Making Your ACL Stronger After Surgery

An ACL tear means extensive surgery and recovery. While mobility might be limited for several months, the good news is that you can make a full recovery and maybe even make it stronger. Through a combination of rest, physical therapy, and a proper diet, you can expect to make a full recovery.

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A medical professional bending a patient's knee

One of the most important parts of the recovery process is making sure you are not returning to extensive use of your leg and ACL before there has been some time to heal. For the first two weeks, it is especially important to keep weight off of the leg. Use crutches when you must move, but, otherwise, the best start to recovery is plenty of sleep and lying down with your leg elevated. While you may want to get back to your normal routine right away, getting your rest is the best way to give your ACL surgery a chance to start to rebuild the ACL and create a strong foundation for the rest of the recovery process.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor or surgeon will give you a variety of exercises to complete. Also, you may be scheduled to meet with a physical therapist. Once your ACL has started healing, these guided exercises will help to rebuild muscle mass in the area and contribute to a healthy ACL. While this is a time-consuming process, it is a critical component of making your ACL stronger.

Getting the Right Nutrition

Another component of the recovery process is making sure that you are eating a balanced diet. Getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals is important to refuel your body. When your ACL is being repaired, your body is using extra nutrients to aid in the process. Protein is also an important nutrient when it comes to building strong muscle mass and a reinforced ACL.

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