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Dr Warnock immediately recognized the severity of my knee injury and made the decision to use a new treatment to repair my meniscus. He was very confident I would have a good result. He did an amazing job on the surgery and helped me recover after surgery.– Alex F.

My experience with surgery was excellent. I had torn my ACL and meniscus and Dr Warnock repaired them perfectly. Dr Warnock and his staff provided the utmost care before, during, and after the surgery. Dr Warnock’s office staff provides quick and energetic customer care.– Tiffany A

Dr. Warnock scoped my left knee to repair two tears in the meniscus. I had previously had the same type of surgery on my other knee. My left knee is now completely back to normal in just a few short months and is actually more flexible than my right knee. Dr Warnock truly cares for his patients. He takes as much time as needed to answer any questions I have. He has done everything possible to get me back on track and back to normal.– Kristi M.

Dr Warnock has done 2 ACL reconstructions for me,one on each knee. He was very up front with me prior to my surgeries, explaining the pros and cons. He always takes time when I have my appointment to see that I am healing properly. He provides excellent follow up care and directs my physical therapy. I am very impressed with his office staff. They return calls promptly and are always friendly. I would highly recommend Dr Warnock to anyone needing knee surgery.– Elizabeth M.

testDr Warnock and his staff are really friendly and their service is second to none.– Travis T.

Dr Warnock is an excellent surgeon. I am very happy with my experience and I would recommend him to anyone.– Brad L.

Dr Warnock and his team are great!– anon

Dr Warnock is Awesome! He got me through a very bad time and a very bad break. God Bless his hands! God Bless him! When I shake his hand I know I’m in good hands.– Deanna M.

Dr Warnock and his staff have been amazingly caring and helpful throughout the process of my shoulders’ healing. I have seen my share of Orthopedic doctors and Dr Warnock, Byron and everyone in the office creates a team winning approach. Their caring and understanding had a major effect in helping me to stay on target with appointments, physical therapy and remaining healthy and active.– Joanna W.

Dr Warnock and Staff were very professional and up to date. My knee problem improved very much after surgery. The staff were great too.– John K.

I have been coming to Dr Warnock for several years to get injections in my knees. Dr Warnock is the most caring doctor Ive ever seen. I sometimes think the injections in my knee hurt him almost as much as they do me! He is very informative and always explains my options.– Gloria S.

Thanks to Dr Warnock and his staff for making my surgery and recovery the best it could be. You all have been absolutely wonderful and I truly appreciate everything ya’ll did.– Juan S.

Best Bone Dr and best overall healthcare! Great bedside manner.– Shannon T.

You’re the best Dr I have ever seen. Thank you for being so nice to me.– Marrissa W.

Dr Warnock, normally I hate to take my kids to the doctor, but for some reason when one of them comes to you I look forward to the visit. I know we are being seen by the BEST.– Renee W.

Two ladies feeling wonderful after visiting Dr. Matthew Warnock orthopedic surgeon in Houston, TXI fractured my left distal fibula and was told by another doctor the bone was displaced and needed surgery. I immediately sought out the Fondren Orthopedic Group and made an appointment with Dr Warnock. Since I was a kidney transplant patient for the last 10 years there were concerns over the surgery and possible complications with wound healing in my case. Dr Warnock took special precautions and consulted with the other orthopedic doctors in his group before deciding a course of action. The decision was made not to do surgery and instead he treated the fracture in a cast for 6 weeks and afterward, with the help of a bone growth stimulator, I am back on my feet and fully functional.I highly recommend Dr Warnock as he takes the time and care needed to get to know his patients individually and plan the best and most appropriate personal care.– Rick G.

Doctor Warnock is wonderful! We love him.– Anon

Initially began seeing Dr. Warnock for a recurring shoulder injury at the referral of my family Dr. I immediately appreciated his willingness to take the time to listen and be certain that he understood my history, and also to make certain that I understood the anatomy of my shoulder and what was transpiring with it physically. He was conservative in his treatment, first attempting physical therapy to determine if it would offer any relief and/or improvement. I continued to see him over the next few years to ascertain whether there were any improvements or digressions of my condition. During every visit he showed concern for any pain I may be experiencing. My condition had reached a level where Dr. Warnock felt the only option left to relieve the pain and reduction of motion I was experiencing, was to have total shoulder replacement surgery. He was very careful to make sure that I completely understood what was involved in the procedure, and suggested that due to my relatively young age, that I “listen to my body”, and withhold having the surgery until I felt that I couldn’t stand it any longer. When it came time to “pull the trigger,” he performed the surgery without complications. Immediately prior to the surgery, Dr. Warnock made certain to explain what would take place, in what order, and displayed such confidence that I, and my spouse, felt much at ease. I have had great results and during follow-up visits, Dr. Warnock seems genuinely pleased with my results, as well as for me as an individual.– Paul K.

A group of happy children after seeing sports medicine Dr. Matthew Warnock in Houston, TXI have been a patient of Dr. Warnock’s for several years. From my first visit, Dr. Warnock and his wonderful staff have made me feel as if I were their only patient and that they were all genuinely interested and invested in my well being. Dr. Warnock and his staff take the time to listen to you and to answer your questions. They call you back and always do their very best to work you into their clinic schedule when you are having a problem which is causing you pain. I have referred my friends and family to Dr. Warnock. I can do so with all confidence that they will be as happy as I am with their experience with Dr. Warnock and his staff.If you are checking this website and the patient testimonials because you are thinking of making an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, please do yourself a favor and call for an appointment to see Dr. Warnock. You won’t find another doctor in the Houston area with whom you would have a better experience.– Arlene P.

To all the folks at Fondren orthopedic:
My mom, an elderly woman, fell and broke her wrist. She was informed by the emergency room doctor to follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon. So since I work for an MRI center the name Mathew Warnock MD came to mind and I decided to take her there. This was the best thing I could have done.
Dr. Warnock and his staff at the willow brook office were very concerned and compassionate. They met my mom’s needs and this is what she needed.
She felt very comfortable with Dr. Warnock, so she followed the doctor’s orders to a “t.” Now she is using the wrist just like nothing had ever happened. With Dr. Warnock’s expertise the surgery went well and my mom has healed very well. When I say “it’s time to see Dr. Warnock” she doesn’t hesitate.
So to make a long story short, which i can go on and on about our pleasant experience with Dr. Warnock and his staff, we were very pleased and would recommend Fondren orthopedic to everyone.
Thanks again!– Pamela D. (Daughter of Mary H.)

I am a patient of Dr Warnock’s. He is a great Dr., he is patient, very detailed and easy to talk to. I recommend him highly.– Margie

Dr Warnock is a very personable Doctor. We think he gets to the root of things by talking and asking questions. He has a great bed side manner. We have always been extremely happy with him.– Sheila S.

Dr Warnock is always really friendly and personable. I have had an awesome visit every time I have come. His whole staff makes it a pleasant trip, and makes you feel like they really care.– Melissa W.

A family celebrating after ACL tear surgery performed by Dr. Matthew Warnock in Houston, TXWhen my 19 year old son injured his knee playing lacrosse for Klein High School, we went to see Dr. Warnock on a recommendation. I was impressed with the thorough nature of his diagnosis, which turned out to be a complete tear of his right ACL.
The required surgery was done adjacent to the office, which was very convenient, as the procedure turned out to be more complex than originally thought. The professional and caring nature of Dr. Warnock, along with his entire staff, has made a huge difference in Rob’s overall recovery and rehabilitation. Dr. Warnock and his staff are prompt with appointments, very friendly, yet meticulous with details. We have left each appointment with every question answered, and a clear picture of how he is progressing. As a concerned parent, I have been extremely satisfied that my son has received the best overall care possible.– Chris A.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr Warnock thru my daughter and husband when they needed help. I found the doctor to be so kind, caring and caring and never in a hurry. Dr Warnock is a real credit to the medical profession.– Jane C.

Dr Warnock is a great doctor. He treated me great and very concerned and passionate. He does care.– Karen A.

This is my third time to Dr Warnock and he is amazing! He is great with children and adults! He is also very funny and I would never go to anyone else but him.– Ashlyn E.

We love Dr W! He is an amazing doctor with a great personality. More importantly, we know we are getting the best care with Dr Warnock.– Brenda E.

Dr Warnock is a great doctor and very personable. A great surgeon.– Ann K.

Dr Warnock is probably the most engaging doctor I’ve ever visited. His enthusiasm for his profession and his compassion for his patients is quite evident. I appreciate his honesty and professionalism.– Richard W.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Warnock and his staff! With active kids, we have had reason to visit Dr. Warnock’s office over the past few years and have always received the very best care. Dr. Warnock was wonderful with my daughter and kept her laughing and smiling even when it hurt! The staff in his office are always kind, courteous and helpful. More recently we were involved in a serious car accident and 2 members of the family suffered fractures. Dr. Warnock’s office got us in quickly and Dr. Warnock took ESPECIALLY good care of us in our time of need. Our family TRUSTS him when it comes to Orthopedic care, and we have been blessed by the wonderful treatment we have received from him and all of his staff! Blessings!– Cathy T.

Dr Warnock is friendly, compassionate, and may I add, a great Orthopedic Surgeon with the best staff in his office that I have ever met. They are a great team that took me in under their care and I thank God for all of them. They helped nurse me back to health and strength.– Pamela N.

I like you a lot!– Abigail S. age 7

Great experience so far. Six weeks after rotator cuff surgery. I am Looking forward to getting the sling off and getting on with physical therapy. The office staff and Dr Warnock are great. Very caring people.– Phyllis S.

We have seen Dr Warnock multiple times with different injuries. Each time we are welcomed by a friendly staff. Dr Warnock gives us his full attention at each visit. We would recommend him to our friends and family.– The Crawford Family

Dr. Warnock and his staff are WONDERFUL! They are always so friendly, supportive, and happy to see their patients. Dr. Warnock is very professional! He takes time to ask how things are going, concerns/problems, and answer any questions I may have. He is very knowledgeable in his field and I trust him completely!Dr. Warnock has seen me for two different orthopedic injuries and I have been very happy with the results. I would recommend him to anyone with an orthopedic need!– Kristy W.

Despite having to go through two surgeries, my experience with Dr Warnock was pleasurable and satisfying. The staff is friendly and the office is a very comfortable.– Mr. Roussell

Friendly, helpful, polite and made me feel relaxed. I would recommend Dr Warnock to others.– Anon

I am soooooooo happy with the results of my surgery. The Doc is the best- I can’t thank him enough!– Judy M.

Dr Warnock is awesome! He got me through a very bad time and a very bad break. God Bless his hands. When I shake his hand I know I’m in good hands.– Dennea M

We were referred to Dr. Matthew Warnock several years back when my middle son John injured his knee in football. His whole staff was so kind and helpful that it made our visits quick and painless. They were so good that the next time John injured himself we went directly to the office and once again they took care of him. I have 3 sons that are VERY active with sports. John broke his hand, his foot, and strained his knee ligaments. My youngest son Jacob, not wanting to be left out, broke his hand and foot during football. My oldest son Joshua followed suit and went to Dr. Warnock when he shattered his elbow. My husband and I have also had our turn at the office. I have referred nieces, nephews and friends to their office. Dr Warnock and his staff have been God-sent on many occasions and my family greatly appreciates the kindness and caring nature every time we contact him or go to the office.Our Sincerest Thanks,– Rhonda S. & Family

I fell and fractured my upper right humerus on October 16, 2009, and began seeing Dr. Warnock (under Worker’s Comp) on October 22. From the moment we stepped into the office we felt a sense of peace and caring. The receptionist greeted us in a friendly manner, which put us at ease in this new setting. When the young lady came to get me I asked her if it was alright for my husband to come in with me. She assured us it was perfectly alright, and she was so nice and pleasant as she placed us in the room. Then we had the wonderful experience of meeting the X-Ray technician, Byron. I must admit, I have had quite a few encounters with X-Ray techs, and not all of the experiences were good. But when Byron came into the room, he had such a wonderful attitude and warm smile that just made me feel confident that this tech was different… and he was! He took great care in making sure that I was comfortable. I saw right away that this man knew how to handle his patients, and after nearly four and a half months, I know he is, without doubt, the best and most skilled X-Ray technicians I’ve ever encountered.
My first impression of Dr. Warnock was one of complete satisfaction in knowing that this doctor was not only a great physician, but one with compassion. He came into the room acknowledging my husband and I as though we were close and dear friends. We have never had such a “connection” with a doctor….he made me feel like I was his most important patient of the day. Four and half months later his diagnosis, assessments, and prognosis were all “spot on accurate.” By the time he released me to return to work, I felt confident in the strength of my arm once again. I cannot begin to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Warnock, Byron, and their wonderful staff at the Fondren clinic for pulling me through what could have been a very traumatic experience.– Mary C.

I am writing this to simply say, “Thank You” to Byron, Dr. Warnock and all the staff at Fondren Orthopedic Group! Because of their professionalism and kindness, they have made all my visits most comfortable. Byron never fails to put a smile on my wife and my face. He and Dr. Warnock are a special Duo. They seem to work so great together. The whole staff at Fondren Orthopedic Group are wonderful! I really can’t say enough of how grateful I am to have such a talented team taking care of me.After my first broken leg, I received such great medical care and professionalism, without hesitation I went back to Fondren Orthopedic Group for my next broken leg. Anyone that needs an orthopedic surgen, I always recommend Dr. Warnock! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!A Big “THANKS” to Dr. Warnock, Byron and the entire staff at Fondren Orthopedic Group!!– Daniel H.

I first met Dr. Warnock on Feb 19, 2009. He reviewed a MRI of my shoulder injury which had taken place in Jan of 2009. I found Dr. Warnock to be honest and straight forward about the severity of my injury and the surgery which was required. He explained that my recovery would be a long process. He also cautioned me about the chance of re-injury. Dr. Warnock took the time to answer all of my questions so that I knew in detail what was going to take place. He took the extra time to prepare me for surgery.
My shoulder surgery was performed on March 12, 2009, and it was that evening that therapy in an automated chair began. Dr. Warnock then sent me to hydro-therapy which allowed me to recover most of my range of motion. I am now doing quite well and have returned to most of my activities.
I have found Dr. Warnock and his entire staff to be dedicated, caring, honest, concerned, detailed and comforting. I also found Dr. Warnock to be a very spiritual person.
I am grateful that I was referred to Dr. Warnock and very pleased with my results. Thank you for all that you have done for me.– Jim S.

I wanted to put into writing the experience we recently had with you and the rest of the team. Just saying thank you isn’t adequately to express our gratitude toward all of you for the care and treatment we received. Our 7yr old daughter Faith broke her arm in two places, and for our family it was the first broken bone. You all treated my daughter as if you had known her for years. My wife and I appreciate Dr. Warnock squatting down and asking our child if she had questions. True compassion put us all at ease and we thank you so much.The arm is perfect and the pink cast was hit with the entire second grade class at Hamilton Elementary. No one at your office ever made me feel bad for crying more than my daughter did during the ordeal. In a stressful and painful environment you gave us all comfort. Job well done and very much appreciated.– Brian M.

My daughter recently broke a bone in her foot. We had been to a 24 hour urgent care facility and they suggested we visit our Ortho follow-up care. The following day we went to see Dr. Warnock.
The whole experience was wonderful. Our appointment ran on time and the patient manner and care we received was excellent including the front office staff, Byron and Dr. Warnock. Dr. Warnock has an excellent patient manner and puts my 10 year daughter at ease. He thoroughly examines the problem and has always explains the injury, care and limitations.
Both my daughter and I have been to see Dr. Warnock for a few injuries and each time the care and visit experience are first rate. We will return in a few weeks for another visit to follow-up on this injury and review x-rays for her back.– Sharon & Kate T.

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