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Shoulder Surgery in Houston, TX

While most cases of shoulder pain can be treated successfully with physical therapy and medication, some patients will require surgery. During your consultation with K. Mathew Warnock, MD, he will assess the severity of your injury by reviewing your medical history, performing a physical examination, and ordering diagnostic tests. He can then diagnose your shoulder problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment. For those with minor injuries, there are many non-surgical treatments for shoulder pain, including the following:

  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • PRP injections
  • Steroid shots
  • Medications
  • Massage therapy

What Is Shoulder Surgery?

Shoulder surgery is a treatment intended to repair ligaments, tissues, or tendons that have been damaged or torn due to overuse. It is a treatment that can help with certain disease symptoms, and it returns your shoulder to a pain-free full range of use.

Main Types of Shoulder Surgery

The type of shoulder injury you have endured will determine what kind of shoulder surgery you may need. There are two main forms of shoulder surgery: arthroplasty and arthroscopy.

Arthroplasty is performed to aid those with a diseased or degenerated joint. It typically is used to remove arthritic tissue and replace it with prosthetics or other types of implants. This could be for part of the shoulder, or for the entire joint. This surgery would also be used if a shoulder has been severely fractured or damaged and needs to be partially or completely replaced.

Arthroscopy is a procedure that utilizes a long, thin medical instrument attached to a camera. This tool, an arthroscope, is inserted into the shoulder via a small incision. With the images projected by the camera, the surgeon is then able to perform microsurgery, repairing the tissue through the same small incision. This is commonly performed for tendonitis, dislocations, torn ligaments or cartilage, or rotator cuff issues.

Arthroscopic Superior Capsule Reconstruction

Superior Capsule Reconstruction (SCR) is a less common and highly specialized form of shoulder surgery. It is used to treat otherwise irreparable rotator cuff tears and may eliminate pseudoparalysis and markedly improve shoulder function. Dr. Warnock is experienced in this new cutting edge surgery, helping patients to relieve pain and restore full range of motion when other conventional treatments have failed.

About the Procedure

Like most surgeries, patients are advised not to eat or drink starting at midnight before shoulder surgery. It’s important to let your doctor know what medications you are on, and he or she will advise you what is safe for you to take in the upcoming days. This includes supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies. It is also recommended that patients do not smoke or consume alcohol up to two weeks before shoulder surgery.

Depending on the severity of the injury, as well as the type of procedure performed, shoulder surgery can take up to several hours. Some operations require minimal incisions, such as an arthroscopy, while others may need a larger incision for visibility. Patients are put under anesthesia for comfort. However, this is considered an outpatient procedure. The surgery will repair the tendons, ligaments, and muscles by replacement or by pulling the tissue back together for stronger support and flexibility.

Recovery is also dependent on the size of the incision and the type of surgery required. Your surgeon will provide you with a list of dietary and activity restrictions that should be followed until the doctor says otherwise. This can be critical to a full recovery and proper healing. Patients can usually go home the same day as the shoulder surgery, but in some cases may need to stay in the hospital for one or two days. A sling will likely be worn for some time after the surgery to ensure the shoulder is not strained while healing. A full recovery can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the patient’s age, general health, and surgery type. During this period, patients should engage in exercise and physical therapy programs to regain strength.

Why Patients Choose Orthopedic Shoulder Specialist K. Mathew Warnock, M.D.

Whether you have been injured or you are living with chronic shoulder pain, you need an experienced shoulder specialist you can trust. As a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. K. Mathew Warnock, M.D. is Houston’s top choice for shoulder problems. He has a remarkable success record in treating rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, SLAP tears, labral tears, bicep tears, and many other shoulder injuries.

Not only does Dr. Warnock have excellent surgical skills and a caring bedside manner, but his staff is also held to the same level. We know that an injured shoulder affects more than just your physical comfort. It can affect your ability to work and your overall quality of life. Finding an experienced surgeon with a friendly and knowledgeable staff can significantly improve your chances of avoiding further complications and getting back to life as you know it.

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If you’re living with shoulder pain and want to take steps to improve your mobility, contact our office today. We can set up your initial consultation and provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. For more information on our practice, see what past patients have to say about K. Mathew Warnock, MD.