Two people doing knee work outs on a gym floor

Four Common Causes of Knee Injuries

The knee is the largest and most complex joint in your body and is vulnerable to various injuries. Fractures, sprains, ligament tears, meniscus tears, and dislocations are common injuries that vary in severity. While minor injuries can be treated at home, serious knee damage requires specialized orthopedic care. Many of these injuries are common to active individuals, but anyone is susceptible to knee issues. Find out more about what can cause these injuries and the appropriate preventive measures to help protect your knees.

Sports Injuries

Two people doing knee work outs on a gym floor

Many high-impact sports such as football, soccer, rugby, basketball, and running increase the risk of knee injury and pain. If you’re a current athlete, you may wonder if you’re at risk and how this may impact your career. Wearing the right sports gear and regular stretching before physical activity helps prevent sports injuries and chronic pain. You should also visit a doctor if you suspect any problems with your knees for correct diagnosis and early corrective treatment.

Auto Accidents

The position of your knees while seated in a vehicle makes them susceptible to injuries in a car or motorcycle accident. Their exposure can cause them to receive much of the impact during high-speed crashes, which can result in blunt force trauma. Auto accidents can also lead to devastating knee fractures; after a serious accident, you should immediately seek medical attention.

Everyday Accidents

Common accidents at home or work, including slips and falls, can cause ligament twisting, sprains, strains, and even fractures. When such an injury occurs, you should see a knee specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Many people live with chronic knee pain that arises from minor accidents, yet such problems are treatable.

Degenerative Diseases

Several conditions contribute to the degeneration and deterioration of the knee and also cause a lot of pain, especially as you age. They include osteoarthritis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), chondromalacia patella, and gout. Chronic pain can be prevented through regular stretching, wearing supportive footwear, and avoiding kneeling on hard surfaces without padded protection. If you experience frequent pain in your knees, contact a physician immediately to find out if the source of your pain is due to a degenerative condition. Early diagnosis can prevent further damage to your knee and provide opportunities for various corrective measures.

If you’re concerned about the health of your knee joints, don’t hesitate to ask for help. At the orthopedic surgery and sports medicine practice of K. Mathew Warnock, MD, we offer personalized orthopedic care to help restore knee strength and function to Houston area patients. Call us today at 281-807-4380 to book an appointment to get started on managing and alleviating your chronic knee pain.

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