A man stretching on a race track

How Often Should You Stretch After an Injury?

Stretching after an injury can aid your recovery by activating several different muscle groups and improving your range of motion. However, you have to know how and when to stretch to make sure you’re helping your rehabilitation and not doing further damage. Take Some Time Off Following an injury or swelling, you should wait 72 hours before stretching and exercising. …

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A man running on a race track

Exercise Tips for Helping Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is a painful condition in which overworking the knee leads to inflammation and pain, typically around the kneecap. Complications from runner’s knee can make it difficult to participate in your usual activities. Following these exercise tips can help reduce the symptoms of runner’s knee and help prevent it from recurring. Wear Proper Sports Attire Regardless of which exercises …

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A woman in a park doing a squat

Preparing for Meniscus Tear Surgery and Recovery

The menisci are C-shaped discs of cartilage that connect the thighbones to the shinbones in each leg. Because they work as shock absorbers for these bones, they can be torn when the leg is twisted too hard in either direction, which often occurs while participating in contact sports. For those who require surgery on their meniscus, familiarity with the procedure …

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A runner bending down to tie his shoe

ACL Surgery: Choosing a Technique

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is crucial to knee stability and function. Ligaments are long pieces of tough tissue that help hold bones together, and when they become damaged, the joint may be compromised. ACL injuries are common among active individuals, particularly those who play sports. Minor injuries often require physical therapy, while ACL surgery can help those with more …

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A wooden bed filled with blue pillows

Recommended Sleeping Strategies After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Are you concerned about sleeping comfortably after rotator cuff surgery? As the site heals, finding the right position can be difficult. This is especially true in the first few days after surgery, when you may still have some pain. Try these recommended sleep tips to help you get the rest you need during your recovery period and facilitate proper healing. …

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Doctor looking at his patient while holding her hand in hospital ward

How to File a Worker’s Comp Claim

When you are injured at work, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance may cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, and associated expenses. Sometimes, filing the correct paperwork and managing your claim can be complicated. Follow these steps to file a workers’ comp claim in Texas. Determine Coverage Although workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in most states, Texas does …

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A man sitting down with a wrapped knee

What to Expect While Recovering From ACL Surgery

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is an important structure that allows the knee to move properly. It’s possible to tear or strain the ACL during sports and other strenuous activities; ACL injuries sometimes require surgery and a period of recovery to heal properly. Here’s what patients can expect during ACL surgery recovery. Initial Steps After Surgery Giving the affected …

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A boy's basketball team playing on an indoor court

How to Tell If a Meniscus Tear Needs Surgery

Although a torn meniscus is commonly caused by athletic activities, it’s possible to tear it through falls, stretching, or other everyday movements. When a meniscus is particularly damaged, it can require surgery to fully heal. Here’s how to determine if a meniscus tear needs surgical attention. Tearing a Meniscus The menisci are two C-shaped discs of cartilage that are found …

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A person jumping into a lake

How Are Achilles Tendon Ruptures Repaired?

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone, allowing people to walk, run, and jump. Because it’s so crucial to these common actions, an injured Achilles tendon can cause intense discomfort and difficulty moving about. These injuries don’t just happen to athletes—everyday movement and activities can cause damage and …

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Tips for Avoiding a Rotator Cuff Injury in the Workplace

Shoulders play an integral role in reaching, lifting, throwing, writing, typing, and nearly every other movement that involves our arms, hands, and fingers. This means that injuries to the rotator cuff and other parts of the shoulder are some of the most common occupational musculoskeletal problems workers face. Here are a few tips for avoiding rotator cuff injuries in the …

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